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Heather D. Meinster, R.D.H. grew up in Miami, Florida. She earned her Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Certifications in Dental Assisting in 1999. She continued her pursuit in Dentistry with an Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene in 2001, all completed at Palm Beach State College. 


Heather moved to Chicago from Florida in 2003 to continue her secondary education. She graduated from Kendall College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and a Culinary Arts certificate. She has been a valuable member to the team since 2008. 


She is passionate about patient education in Dental Hygiene and the empowerment of her patients to do the best they can while not in the office. When not practicing dental hygiene, she enjoys cookning and baking. 





Dental Hygenists at Weinfield Dental Group

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