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Patient Testimonials

Our doctors and staff are proud of our commitment to providing quality healthcare. We are willing to do whatever it takes to relieve pain, quiet anxiety, and give our patients a beautiful, healthy smile.  


Below are quotes from some of the many letters we've received over the years from our satisfied patients.

“Thank you for your big heart, beautiful mind, and talented hands. You are very special to us as a doctor, person and friend.”

Irina, Niles, IL, patient since 2003


“Thank you for all your hard work, coming in on your days off, and accomodating my schedule. I absolutely love my teeth, better than anything I was ever born with. Thanks for being a 'perfectionist'!”

Ann Marie B., Morton Grove, IL, patient since 1999


“I can't thank you enough for the extra special care you gave my teeth! You are the BEST dentist - Thank you!!”

Lori M., Chicago, IL, patient since 1978

“I don't know where to begin to say Thank you! You are such a sweet and thoughtful person. It has been such a nice expierence coming to a dentist where when I walk into the office, I know that I am in good hands.”

Lucille M., West Dundee, IL, patient since 1991


“I was touched by your care and concern for me. The extra attention and consideration you showed me is deeply appreciated and will never be forgotten. Thank you!”

Kathy K., Addison, IL, patient since 2001


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't believe you met me on a Sunday night! I have been blown away by your generosity and your care. I am tremendously lucky to be your patient.”

Camille, Roselle, IL, patient since 2010

“Hi! Me and my tooth are having a wonderful time in San Francisco! Thanks so much!”

Mary L., Chicago, IL, patient since 1991


“You've done such terrific work on my root canal. It was a challenging one because of it's unknown qualities and you did a wonderful job of sticking with it until it was done perfectly! I am grateful for your skill and expertise, dedication and tenacity!”

Megan, Winnetka, IL, patient since 2005


“Thank you so much for the time and care you put into my teeth. They feel 100% better because you're an incredible dentist!”

Sabrina, Pontiac, IL, patient since 2008


“Thank you so much for the care you took to make my teeth so nice. You are a very skilled dentist and a wonderful person to know. Thank you for the special care you give to my entire family.”

Jim, Chicago, IL, patient since 2002

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